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We're IT experts in complex, fast moving, and distributed business environments.

Since 2004, we’ve been helping small and medium businesses streamline their internal processes and harness the power of technology to improve employee productivity. Isn’t it time your company felt the SlingStoneIT effect too?

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Information Technology: when used correctly it can be a powerful tool for growth. When implemented poorly it can do more harm than good. With SlingStoneIT as your partner you’ll finally get the IT network your business deserves.

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Then you'll love our ethical 'no profit motive' product guarantee. And you'll love that we have NO HIDDEN FEES, NO NICKEL & DIME, NO GEEK SPEAK, and NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS. Our raving fans - also known as our customers - love it too!

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  • Everyone I’ve spoken with (at least 4 different staff) has been fantastic to work with. Your company’s philosophy and business model is refreshing. You have brought customer service to a whole new level.

    Scott, Company Owner

  • Our CCO had a very difficult week after her computer crashed. She arrived today with a new computer set up in her office that has ALL of her documents and she would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to your team for all their efforts!

    Kara, Executive Assistant

  • I wanted to thank your tech for his amazing technical support. He went above and beyond to get things done. He had to think out the box to find solutions to the problem.

    Linda, School Testing Administrator

  • The IT technician resolved my issue instantly, almost as I was still describing it he fixed it. He was also able to explain why it was happening which means a lot to me.

    Max, Sr. Engineer

  • Your tech (via Live Chat) was fantastic. Extremely happy. He solved it immediately. I was baffled. Thank you.

    Pete, Operations

  • I love Live Chat! Everyone I speak with is so nice and I always get a quick fix.

    Carmela, Manager Customer Service

  • Your tech was GREAT I needed to do some things here for my printer and he walked a “no-techy” like me through them to a T! Thanx!!

    Aimee, Regional Manager

  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent customer service, prompt reply and very easy to understand!!! I will recommend you to all of the companies I deal with. Thanks again, You rock!

    Paula, Office Manager

  • The IT technician was super-responsive! Not only that but he even provided instructions on how to deal with similar challenges in the future as a preventive measure. Now, THAT’s customer service!

    Michael, Director of Development

  • The staff at SS is always top notch!

    Scott, Regional Manager

  • Thanks for the fast response and solving the problem (that Intuit could not solve). You saved us again!!!!

    Yose, CPA, Owner

  • We replaced our previous full-time IT support staff with SlingStoneIT at half the cost. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in recent years.

    Jerry, Company President

  • One technician here in half an hour and another right behind him. ‘Hot spare’ on the way and all is well! Couldn’t have been more impressed after such a scare.

    Dana, Operations Manager

Achieve more - Expect more.

We believe that IT should be convenient. We help eliminate the speed bumps in your business processes. We provide a whole IT team, not a one-man band. We have expertise with many markets/industries including: Engineering, Construction, Landscaping, Not-for-Profit, Educational, Distribution, Sales, Manufacturing, Food/Consumer Goods, Retail, and Publicly-traded organizations - just to name a few.

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