Getting Technical Support

Standard Support is provided from 6am PST (7am EST) to 6pm PST (9pm EST) Mon-Fri (excluding holidays).


New Year’s Day 01/01/15
Memorial Day 05/25/15
Independence Day (observed) 07/03/15
Labor Day 09/07/15
Thanksgiving 11/26/15 – 11/27/15
Christmas 12/25/15
New Year’s Day 01/01/16
Memorial Day 05/30/16
Independence Day 07/04/16
Labor Day 09/05/16
Thanksgiving 11/24/16 – 11/25/16
Christmas (observed) 12/25/16
New Year’s Day (observed) 01/02/17

Emergency Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.
For standard support, there are five options – you may use whatever works best for you:

Online Chat:
Open a web browser and go to or right-click on the brown icon with the “S” logo in the system tray and select “SlingStoneIT – Live Chat!”. Live Chat is a quick and easy way to contact support. This is a great way to ask a quick question, check status on a previous ticket or project, or get immediate help with a problem. It is highly recommended to try using Live Chat for most of your computer issues!

Emailing will create a support ticket that can be tracked and monitored through email communication. All support issues will start and end with an email thread. Please don’t contact the individual staff members directly with new issues because that individual might be busy or on vacation. One of the many benefits of their service is that we are getting an entire team of IT individuals available to help.

Web Ticket Submission:

  1. If you’re on your company computer, you should have a small brown icon in the bottom right tray with an “S” in the middle. That’s the SlingStoneIT tray icon. If you right click on that icon and select Submit New IT Request, it will bring you to a web portal to let you select the type of issue you want to report. This method also automatically tracks which machine you reported it from so it makes it easy to get help on that computer right away.
  2. If you’re away from your company computer but have access to a web browser on your phone or another computer, you can also submit a ticket at

Phone: 888-SLING-80 (888-754-6480)
888-SLING-80 (888-754-6480) Calling is a good way to get support if your computer is completely broken or when Internet access is down or when you’re driving in the car and need to report an issue.

For Emergency Support
If the emergency occurs during standard support hours, you may contact SlingStoneIT either via Live Chat ( or via phone (888-SLING-80) – please be sure to notify the dispatch operator or technician that it is an emergency.

If the emergency occurs outside of standard support hours, please use the phone method (888-SLING-80). Even if a technician is not immediately available, the dispatch operator will take your message and contact the on-call supervisor to ensure that someone helps you as soon as possible, usually within 30 minutes.