Employee Activity Monitoring/Tracking

We don’t want you to “spy” on your employees. And you don’t want to either. But a robust employee activity monitoring system provides you the ability to see what your employees are doing on their computers without any awareness or interference to their functions. By sitting back and reviewing how your employees work, you can provide a level of mentoring, training, and advice that is unparalleled. Your employees will be pleasantly surprised when you can give them detailed and coherent advice on how to improve their productivity and help them to be more successful at their job.

And with our Advanced Tracking solution, you can take monitoring to a higher level with minute by minute screen shots and alerting on specific events. When you have an employee under investigation or on a performance improvement plan, this advanced level of tracking can be invaluable to provide the information that you need to take action and make decisions – as well as protect your organization.

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