TOTAL Remote Backup (TRB)

Tape backup is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Backups fail. Tapes get worn out or lost. SlingStoneIT has invested in a world-class local and remote backup solution using advanced compression and integrity checking to provide an incredible backup solution for our clients. We use your local backup storage device to ensure a solid layer of backup protection. And then we double the protection by remotely replicating the most critical backup data to our secure data center.

We have complete cloud-based recovery options as well as local server spin-up options – whatever fits your budget and risk tolerance best!

Did you know that most unmonitored backup jobs fail each night? If you aren't monitoring the success or failure of a nightly backup job, you'll only figure out it doesn't work when you need it to work the most! We monitor your backup jobs to ensure that they run successfully.

The best backup strategies include testing restoration from backup media on a periodic basis to ensure everything is working as planned. We will perform periodic backup restore testing to give you peace of mind that you're protected.

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