IT Partnership Services

Part-ner-ship: "A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal."

What are IT Partnerships?

Calling our services merely Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation doesn't adequately capture what we do. The labels Consultant, Contractor, or Part-time Employee don't accurately represent our people either. So we call these services Partnerships. They require give and take by both parties. But when they are put in place, they create a true relationship and valued set of services that cannot be described by any of those other more common industry terms. Our teams go above and beyond the defined services to make sure your business thrives. That is what a true partnership means!

SlingStoneIT becomes a virtual extension of our clients' businesses, helping them develop and maintain a technology strategy that aligns with their business needs and goals.

Our IT Partnership services work so well for a very simple reason: we really know what we're doing and we do it every day. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, so we learn how to do things better, faster, and more effectively. This means that we can consistently deliver MORE functionality for LESS money than performing the equivalent service in-house. And there's nothing imaginary about our local, onsite staff. We're there with you every step of the way, not across the ocean on the phone.

  • TotalITy - Complete, Local IT Outsourcing - Unlimited Reactive, Proactive, & Strategic IT Support
  • IT Assist - A Backup IT Team Plus Strategic Advice, Security, and Powerful IT Management Tools
  • IT Care - Remote System Management and "Pay Per Incident" Professional On-site Support
  • vCIO - Affordable IT Leadership, Strategy, Vision, and Management
  • vCSO - Comprehensive, Affordable Security & Risk Management
  • vWebMaster - Professional, Affordable Web Development Keeping Your Web Image Fresh

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