IT Assist

A Backup IT Team Plus Strategic Advice, Security, and Powerful IT Management Tools

If you have an in-house IT department:

  • Do you ever worry what would happen if one or more of your key IT personnel came down with the flu or suddenly won the lottery and moved to Rio de Janeiro?
  • Do you wonder if your IT staff could benefit from an outside team providing updates on the latest technology recommendations without the bias that comes with all Value-Added Resellers?
  • Do you feel that your IT staff are stretched too thin to be able to keep up-to-date on security and compliance issues?
  • Do you wish that you had an affordable, extra set of eyes and hands when large projects need to be implemented?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed making strategic decisions without having CIO peers to bounce ideas off of?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we can help...

With our IT Assist service, we will provide you with an entire IT backup team so that you're not subject to a "single point of personnel failure". We document your systems, hold monthly meetings with IT staff, and perform quarterly assessment updates to ensure that we can step in on a moment's notice. Plus, you'll get our vCIO Advisory and vCSO services, which means that you can brainstorm strategic ideas with a peer CIO and also access a full team of security experts to help keep things secure. And when you need assistance due to a special project or a staff vacation, you'll get our team available to quickly step in at reduced rates.

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