Professional, Affordable Web Development Keeping Your Web Image Fresh

Tired of a web site that is out of date, out of content, and out of style almost as soon as you finish designing it? Can’t afford a full-time web development staff? Our vWebMaster service provides you with a complete, high-end graphic web site design, on-going content management, periodic graphic refresh, and search engine optimization. It’s like having a professional web development firm at your fingertips for an affordable monthly fee.

Quality Website Design

  • A professional image that effectively tells your organization’s story.
  • A website built on the WordPress platform and customized to meet your unique requirements and branding.
  • Unlimited pages – if you need it, we’ll take care of it end-to-end.
  • We have many available website themes to choose from as the foundation of the website design.

Compelling Web Copy

  • You don’t need to write a thing – just point us in the right direction and we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Our team of writers and editors will create compelling copy for your website based on exactly what you want.

Updates & Support

  • Unlimited updates and support requests.
  • No more Do-It-Yourself hassles or getting stuck between a Web developer, designer, copy writer, SEO consultant and others. We’re your one-stop-shop: no pointing fingers, we take care of it all.
  • Whenever you want to update your site, add a page, create a new form, or make any change, just submit a ticket to our support desk and we’ll handle it. You can keep your site fresh by adding or changing content so easily.

Email Marketing & Newsletter

  • We’ll design the email, send you drafts for approval and send it out
  • Measure success by analyzing number of emails sent, bounce rate, views, click throughs and much more
  • We manage your email database, so you don’t have to - sorting new contacts, merging/purging duplicates, ensuring opt-outs are removed promptly to avoid legal issues
  • Send a newsletter every month to 1000 contacts at no additional cost

SEO and Analytics

  • Our SEO team makes sure your website is optimized for the keywords and locations that will drive more visitors and customers to your site.
  • Your Google Analytics is professionally set up, and help is there when you have questions.
  • We send you monthly reporting on your SEO and website analytics so you can track the results.
  • Placement in local directories like Google Places, Yahoo and Bing is taken care of for you.

Social Media & Blogging

  • Integrated Blogging Platform – allows you to start blogging the day your site goes live. You can access the site directly or send your blogs to us and we’ll post them for you.
  • You can subscribe to other blogs and have them featured on our website.
  • Social Media Ready – integration with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook easy to set up, so your website is immediately integrated with your social media accounts.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account setup and configuration as well as Facebook & Twitter page customization
  • Blog syndication - setup and configuration for your website's blog to update all of your social media profiles with links back to your website
  • Weekly status updates - If you like, several times a week we'll post engaging and entertaining status updates to your social media profiles
  • Social Media Dashboard - Hoots Suite Pro setup and configuration. View and edit posts scheduled as well as an overview of your social media accounts

No Hassle, No Headache

  • Pay as you go month by month.
  • Cancel anytime
  • Our price includes all design and content, updates, hosting and support.
  • There are optional add-ons, of course, such as custom rotating banners, logo design, and press releases… you can add or remove these extras at any time!

Isn't it about time your business got noticed?

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