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At SlingStoneIT, we believe that one of the most effective tools to reach customers and prospects is email marketing. This is a tool to drive long-term business while offering a personalized service. The only thing we can think of that is more effective is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which we do as well!

Using your list of opt-in clients combined with any new opt-ins from the website we develop for you, we can help you leverage email marketing to easily and effectively reach prospects and customers on a regular basis.

SlingStoneIT follows a simple, get-it-done approach to email marketing:

  • You identify articles that you feel would be of interest to prospective and current clients. The articles can be written by you or your staff, or you could just send us a link to articles you enjoyed reading. We will take it from there.
  • SlingStoneIT can design the email, send you drafts for approval, manage your contact list, send the email, monitor activity, and report on the results of each newsletter promotion.
  • All that we nee you to do is provide input and final approval for each email newsletter and promotion. You have the final say in your promotions.
  • Our reports and analyses provide useful results including the identification of many factors including: number of emails sent, bounce rate, views, click throughs and much more. By using this information, we will work to make each newsletter or promotion more successful than the last.
  • Most importantly, we manage your entire email database, so you don’t have to deal with the tedious process of adding and sorting new contacts, merging/purging duplicates, handling opt-ins and outs from your website, and ensuring that all opt-outs are removed promptly to avoid generating bad will or legal issues.

Let SlingStoneIT take care of your email marketing so you can focus on
the most important thing: your business.

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