FREE Problem Prevention & Security Audit

Is your business really safe from what's out there?

With all of today's dangerous threats to your business, from hackers and viruses to natural disasters, it's better to be safe than sorry. If you're concerned about the security of your network and irreplaceable business data, SlingStone Information Technology's FREE Problem Prevention & Security Audit (PPSA) is the answer.

  • Your network and firewall are properly configured?
  • Your data is being regularly backed up?
  • Your systems are safe from hackers and spyware?
  • Your computer logs are free from errors, warnings, and failures?
  • Your computer equipment is in good shape and everything is running like it should to ensure maximum computer life?

If you aren't sure about the short or long-term security of your business, take advantage of this free offer. Our FREE PPSA will show you the weak spots in your network and data security strategy, so you can correct them, before it's too late.

Get a jump on defending your business.

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