Public companies face many challenges these days. With the pressure of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, it is not an easy time to be a public company. You probably have an ERP system – or you’re evaluating a new one. And you probably struggle with integrating your ERP system with sales forecasting data, customer information, and operational activities. And as a public company, you are aware of the many risk and security requirements but you don’t have the staff or budget to fully understand or effectively deal with it as much as you’d like.

You need a service provider that can provide key services to either run your entire IT operation or to augment your internal IT staff and tools. And, let’s be honest, you simply don’t have the staff levels necessary to complete all the projects requested by your audit committee, operations team, sales VP, and human resources department. SlingStoneIT understands and can provide valuable and effective solutions to meet your needs.

Our IT Partnership services provide everything from full IT department local outsourcing to a backup IT team for your internal staff to CIO Advisory services to virtual CSO services. Our Project services range from typical IT infrastructure projects like Exchange & Active Directory Implementations, new server installations, remote access & VPN implementations. Plus we provide advanced security and audit projects for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Plus, if you need a specific set of managed or hosted services, we have a wide variety including: anti-virus, firewall/VPN, spam filtering, remote backup, remote desktop access, web/phone conferencing, and much more.

Find out how partnering with us can save your business time and money.

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